Predictive Analytics

Data that reports the past is simply history.

Data should allow you to discover better opportunities and drive more meaningful results. With Oswald Lens, your organization can integrate all your human capital data to get a 360-degree view of what is happening in your population.

Together, we can harness that timely knowledge to make strategic decisions that affect the cost, efficacy, and quality of your benefits and risk programs.

Your data is coordinated across all of your programs and analyzed along three dimensions:

  • Data Quality
  • Business Metrics, Plan Design, and Legal Compliance
  • Clinical Measures

We deliver timely, actionable insights you can use to make strategic decisions.

As your unique analytics solution, Oswald Lens provides:

  • 24/7 access to your historical and current data
  • Real-time insight to make informed benefits and risk program decisions
  • Oswald’s team of benefits and risk experts, healthcare analysts, and business specialists
  • IntelligentAnalysis that shows you where to focus
  • Benchmarking and real-time comparative analytics
  • SecureFeed: real-time messaging and collaboration within our secure platform

With Oswald, reliable and secure data-driven decisions are critical. Oswald utilizes a highly secure proprietary data warehouse to generate actionable information without the traditional limits of carrier reporting.

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